Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Story of the Rocking Horse Vans

Over the past few months people have started to send me a lot of pics for the blog. Today I got this one from my friends in NYC/Philly with no explanation. I texted back with something like, "haha what is that?"

The reply back was a funny little "Day in the Life of Julia & Lia" adventure:

"Lia took the China bus this morning with a hang over from Philadelphia to Brooklyn. Julia woke up at 8am to wait for the cable man.... Around noon Lia arrived at Julia's and still no sign of the cable man. Did I mention Julia is moving to Philly today with the illegal help of the local Philadelphia punk rock moving company?! Fast forward to driving to Canarsis (if you know BKLYN that's ducking far!!) to drop off cable box and loose the house keys! Only to discover the loss [of the house keys] at the front door of a boxed up Brooklyn apartment. Can't get in!! Finally, a childhood friend with the only set of spare keys [came] to the rescue. Now 8:20 pm waiting on a bare mattress for our hopefully dreamy Philadelphia movers.

PS found the rocking horse along the way!! Ju+Lia = Julia and Lia!!"

And yes, I can vouch for that moving company. It's like a requirement that you be cute and in a band/artist to work there. Let's bring this blog post 'round to some Philly love! 1, 2, 3, GO!

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