Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shelter Surf Shop in the LBC

I have to be honest and tell ya that even though I live in SoCal I don't know that much about surfing. However, when I walked into Graham's (that's him in the blue Authentics) new shop on 4th street in Long Beach I was more compelled to learn. The row of boards against the wall are all handmade...and works of art in & of themselves. And the space is real good looking, too.

I talked to Graham for a few minutes about the shop. Great guy. He was telling me about how they are using the space as a gallery and all that jazz. They've been open in Long Beach for about five months so make sure to drop in and check it out whether you surf or not. Oh, & Shelter is in a perfect area for parking your '98 Honda Civic and walking around the strip of shops as you take in the glory that is the LBC. Do it. It's fun!

Look at their blog. They post what they have in stock: SHELTER SURF SHOP.


twinfin said...

Hi Nikki,

Nice to meet you guys the other day! Thanks for the post!


Danimal said...

That is a rad shop. One of the few left that support local surfboard craftsmen.

Ryan said...

yes, shelter is top notch for picking out a new wave sled, something to hang on your wall, or an artist designed tshirt.