Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Oulks.

I have learned this week that "OULK" is an acronym for "One Ugly Little Kid." Where'd that come from? This kid, Patrick, that works at one of the Vans retail stores emailed me to tell me this little factoid along with a whole mess of info on his skate team called Oulks Rose. The team is made up of Patrick and five of his best friends. They skate around Sacramento, CA. One of the Oulks is actually a pretty talented designer named Som. He made these shoes. I don't know anything about Som other than he skates and makes art at Trader Joes...which is pretty flippin' awesome. Have you see the chalkboards at TJ's? Man, they make me want to eat weird crackers and cheap wine. Crap! It works! So anyway, looks like if you want to know anything about Som, you'll have to email Patrick. I think he's Som's body guard. PATRICK'S MYSPACE

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