Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Note from Pemberton, BC

Snowboard photographer Dano Pendygrass made his way down from Whistler last weekend and to the Pemberton Festival where he was poking his lens around on his first vacation of the summer. With the likes of Metric, Jay-Z, My Morning Jacket, MSTRKRFT and even Nine Inch Nails (you know they ain't dustin' off for chump change...that's all I'm sayin') on the bill, Pemberton is like a Canadian Coachella. Except that it's cold. And you'll have a bunch of Canadians telling you how nice it is outside and fronting and wearing shorts, but it's a trick. Don't fall for it.

Dano's been carrying on with this blog nonsense for a while so he's got lots to look at on his site...that is if you LIKE nice photos of places you can't go. Look at DANO'S LUXURY BLOG OF BLOGS.

psst...that's Chromeo.


Huckleberry Hart said...

Recipe for making something Canadian: drop 20 degrees and make it a wee bit burlier.

Anonymous said...

You could not have been at the Pemby Fest. It rained heavy for a short while Saturday night and it was coolish out. Thursday, Friday and Sunday and Monday it was 90 degrees. Locals said it hadn't rained in two months (remember the dust?) and it usually stays in the 90's all summer. And you can still ski on the nearby glacier in July!

Nikki S. said...

haha i wasn't at permberton, duh. dano pendygrass was. take it up with him. battle! :)