Thursday, July 3, 2008

Exclusive Photo from Artraffle: The Crail Board!

Well, the "exclusive" part is a lie, but it sounds good. EXCLUSIVEEEEEEE!!!! RAWWWRR!!! See? It works even better in all caps. Hershel from Girl has the best blog in the world, Artraffle. He and some of his friends have been doing this blog for years. (FOREVER ago...before the internet was even born and everything was really hard to do.) Life & skate & art & photofun & goop. Every once in a while Hersh posts something that I can poach. So here it is....the elusive real-life actual Crail Board. Skate nerds go ahead and peeyourpants.

Oh, and here's Hershel's foot some was attached to an email that said nothing but "vangogo" in the subject line. Mystery of mysteries! See more photos on ARTRAFFLE.

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