Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Epic Waves, Bro! I'm Covered in Lava!

This surf spot made the cut on the blog today after a lively discussion 'round the old Vans homestead regarding the topic "what you do if you're a pro surfer and you run out of things to do." At the top of the list was, "Why not try getting the skin burned off 'o your legs paddling around in erupting-volcano-boiling-ocean-water in Hawaii?" Do you people understand? It's a volcano erupting and dumping molten rock into the water where this fellow is trying to surf. I think I'd rather take up a hobby....frisbee, anyone? Sigh! I suppose that sort of attitude is exactly what landed me in art school many moons ago. When asked for his opinion on this bloke getting himself into hot water (Pow! Always with the hits!) Vans surf team manager Scott says, "Wow. That guy must be a really good paddler."

Oh well. At least you don’t have to worry about cooking the fish around there. Read the article on THE TELEGRAPH UK.

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