Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Cycle Zombies. Bad Dudes!

Skating and smashing shit and rocking out and wearing denim vests and working on old motorcycles and scoring chicks. I just threw 'scoring chicks' in there for good measure, but the rest of it can be found on the CYCLE ZOMBIES BLOG.

According to my source (thanks Daniel!) Chris (aka Turkey) Stopnik and his bro Scotty Stopnik are leading their bike gang on a murderous rampage throughout Southern California in an ultimate bid for control of Costa Mesa and Huntington Beach, CA (respectively).

If you leave a PBR tall boy on your front stoop at night with an obscure old punk tape blaring on a boombox you may end up with some tire tracks on your lawn...oh, and the hounds of hell, too.


Anonymous said...


Chris is cool!
Scotty & respect? NOPE!

Anonymous said...

?????? what!!!!!