Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Story of the Rocking Horse Vans

Over the past few months people have started to send me a lot of pics for the blog. Today I got this one from my friends in NYC/Philly with no explanation. I texted back with something like, "haha what is that?"

The reply back was a funny little "Day in the Life of Julia & Lia" adventure:

"Lia took the China bus this morning with a hang over from Philadelphia to Brooklyn. Julia woke up at 8am to wait for the cable man.... Around noon Lia arrived at Julia's and still no sign of the cable man. Did I mention Julia is moving to Philly today with the illegal help of the local Philadelphia punk rock moving company?! Fast forward to driving to Canarsis (if you know BKLYN that's ducking far!!) to drop off cable box and loose the house keys! Only to discover the loss [of the house keys] at the front door of a boxed up Brooklyn apartment. Can't get in!! Finally, a childhood friend with the only set of spare keys [came] to the rescue. Now 8:20 pm waiting on a bare mattress for our hopefully dreamy Philadelphia movers.

PS found the rocking horse along the way!! Ju+Lia = Julia and Lia!!"

And yes, I can vouch for that moving company. It's like a requirement that you be cute and in a band/artist to work there. Let's bring this blog post 'round to some Philly love! 1, 2, 3, GO!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shelter Surf Shop in the LBC

I have to be honest and tell ya that even though I live in SoCal I don't know that much about surfing. However, when I walked into Graham's (that's him in the blue Authentics) new shop on 4th street in Long Beach I was more compelled to learn. The row of boards against the wall are all handmade...and works of art in & of themselves. And the space is real good looking, too.

I talked to Graham for a few minutes about the shop. Great guy. He was telling me about how they are using the space as a gallery and all that jazz. They've been open in Long Beach for about five months so make sure to drop in and check it out whether you surf or not. Oh, & Shelter is in a perfect area for parking your '98 Honda Civic and walking around the strip of shops as you take in the glory that is the LBC. Do it. It's fun!

Look at their blog. They post what they have in stock: SHELTER SURF SHOP.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Note from Pemberton, BC

Snowboard photographer Dano Pendygrass made his way down from Whistler last weekend and to the Pemberton Festival where he was poking his lens around on his first vacation of the summer. With the likes of Metric, Jay-Z, My Morning Jacket, MSTRKRFT and even Nine Inch Nails (you know they ain't dustin' off for chump change...that's all I'm sayin') on the bill, Pemberton is like a Canadian Coachella. Except that it's cold. And you'll have a bunch of Canadians telling you how nice it is outside and fronting and wearing shorts, but it's a trick. Don't fall for it.

Dano's been carrying on with this blog nonsense for a while so he's got lots to look at on his site...that is if you LIKE nice photos of places you can't go. Look at DANO'S LUXURY BLOG OF BLOGS.

psst...that's Chromeo.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Short on Shorts but Not Confidence

Kris Kanaly is a designer currently wrecking shop in Oklahoma City, OK! (You have to yell it when you say the OK.) He's got everything...his own business, rock hard abs, a bike gang called the Hellkats, and he also does custom painted Vans.

No, that isn't for RL Stine. RIGHT & LEFT, kids. Here is the newest pair Kris has done.

Also..I couldn't leave out these photos of Kris and his gang as they were preparing for the ride of a lifetime: The Hellkats Short Shorts Cruise. From eyewitness accounts the ladies loved it.

See more of Kris' hot bike & art action here: KANALY DESIGN

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Comicon...Killed It.

Yeah Comicon! Ubu Bubu for Matthew.

Just met Matthew while walking the endless rows of comic books, illustrations, sci-fi stuff, and oddly, bin after bin of celebrity headshots. He showed me a comic called Ubu Bubu. Def looking that one up. I'm sucked in.

Raymond the Littlest Darth

Even the kids get into the costumes at this place. His big sister was Princess Leia.

Quarantine Party at Comicon

The best part about 'Con (that's what I call Comicon now that I'm down) is the costumes. Here's Bryson and his gang...

Hey Bartman.

Of course I had to throw this in the Comicon photos.

At the Simpsons Booth

I just met Bennett at the Simpsons booth. Homer and Marge are doing a-okay if you're wondering...

Hanging Out At Comicon

The first thing I see when I walk into the biggest comic book convention in the world is Vans on the cover of this mag, Comic Foundry. It's all about comics so I'm guessing I should pick one up. Ha! I am in uncharted waters today.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Quality Time at the Mall

After many hours spent sitting on the floor of the mall today I finally got my new iPhone. Yep, going to great lengths to keep you guys entertained and informed.'s my first random Vans spotting.

Meet Chris. I met him at the glorious Glendale Galleria. He can quit school now 'cause he's famous.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Magic Shoes

It looks like someone just got iMovie for their birthday! And any soundtrack where someone says "...I'm a venereal disease..." is A+ with me. Doesn't that phrase speak to us in that sort of human condition way?

"I'm just trying to dance, and change colors but...Oh, crud. Lil' Wayne gonna be soooo pissed when he sees that I spelled his name wrong in the credits! WAAAAYNNEE! I didn't know about the "e" on the end? That shit is superfluous. What do you really need that "e" for anyway?"

I can't wait to see part two. Sure hope it involves some aliens & a breakdance battle for the galaxy.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Cycle Zombies. Bad Dudes!

Skating and smashing shit and rocking out and wearing denim vests and working on old motorcycles and scoring chicks. I just threw 'scoring chicks' in there for good measure, but the rest of it can be found on the CYCLE ZOMBIES BLOG.

According to my source (thanks Daniel!) Chris (aka Turkey) Stopnik and his bro Scotty Stopnik are leading their bike gang on a murderous rampage throughout Southern California in an ultimate bid for control of Costa Mesa and Huntington Beach, CA (respectively).

If you leave a PBR tall boy on your front stoop at night with an obscure old punk tape blaring on a boombox you may end up with some tire tracks on your lawn...oh, and the hounds of hell, too.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Vans world traveler/rad guy Chase Weikal just got back from Pamplona, Spain where you know how they do...they run from bulls at the San Fermin Festival. Here's a little story he sent me from his trip:

"...came across this guy after the bull run (which is at 8AM) decked out in Vans gear. Wish my friend would have moved the camera down a little to see this dude's red sk8 highs. Anyway, he's still rockin' the shirt which was pretty cool....The guy knew no English but we rocked a pose together for the camera. As for the run...don't ask me if I did it...ok I chickened out! But after watching homies getting creamed by the horns, I was thankful I didn't do it."

Fair enough, Chase. Live to fight another day in the streets. See him getting tough in Europe HERE. (Big Ben, kids! Parliament!)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Vu Nguyen: Getting Some Customs Did.

I just found out about Vu at Red Demon Tattoos in San Jose, CA. One of his fans emailed me with the link to his work. Hey, I mean, you can't always ink on people ALL of the time. I imagine if you're a tattoo artist sometimes you want to take a break and do something less stressful. Like sneakers. Or maybe babies? They can't talk so if you give 'em a bad tattoo who are they gonna tell? Give him a shout: RED DEMON.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Should Craig Keep his Day Job?

Craig Forsburg is a New Zealander with a background in animation. Since entering a Vans shoes design contest a few months back he's ready to put himself out there and go after new career in shoe design. So here's the deal. Craig emailed me some of his designs and asked me to get blog readers' opinions on 'em.

What do you think? Should he go for it & try out a new career or keep his day job? Leave some comments for the guy.

Monday, July 14, 2008

I Want to Go to Hawaii, Too.

Jazminh Mendoza is 20 years old, and she's all lucky with hip parents that had enough sense to pack up and move to Hawaii before she was born. I bet she is waaaaaay more tan than me. Oh, yes. And she made these shoes. Here's what she had to say about her art:

"I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. Now currently living in Lihue, Kauai. I have been painting since I was 16 years old. There were two reasons as to why I started painting. One, was to take drawing and sketching to a whole another level. And second, it was a really boring summer that year. Living in Hawaii has inspired me to do a lot of the oceanic scenes. I love the ocean, and everything that's in it. Another thing that inspires me is Japanese/Chinese art. Being part Asian myself."

Jazminh has more art to look at HER MYSPACE. Just don't myspace her boyfriend or she might have to roll all up on you, okay? Fair enough.

Friday, July 11, 2008

2 Guys 1 Pole

As always, the boys on the Surf and Destroy Blog are keeping each other busy with a wide variety of handicrafts and/or small acts of vandalism. Last week, in celebration of America's 982nd birthday Captmouth and Adam set forth on a mission to remedy a dire need in their 'hood. They had to make a pole jam.

"...we used a hacksaw to chop a pole from a construction chain link fence and went to this park that has holes in the ground for tennis courts and kicked the pole with the result of a homemade pole jam, endless hours of hassle free skating..."

Any activity involving a hacksaw AND a public tennis court has to be fun. Seymour Hotaction HERE.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Amanda Lopez Visits the Military

I've been following Amanda's on-going Vans project since about, eh, I'm guessing last October. She's been documenting her checkerboard Slip-ons all over the world with the ultimate goal of turning the project into a book. I just got a note from her yesterday saying that she's currently under contract as a military photographer in Northern California. Air Force! Check out the latest installment from Amanda's work on the base...

Wow. Those are some seriously eerie juxtapositions. This girl's no joke. See more of her work on HER SITE.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Epic Waves, Bro! I'm Covered in Lava!

This surf spot made the cut on the blog today after a lively discussion 'round the old Vans homestead regarding the topic "what you do if you're a pro surfer and you run out of things to do." At the top of the list was, "Why not try getting the skin burned off 'o your legs paddling around in erupting-volcano-boiling-ocean-water in Hawaii?" Do you people understand? It's a volcano erupting and dumping molten rock into the water where this fellow is trying to surf. I think I'd rather take up a hobby....frisbee, anyone? Sigh! I suppose that sort of attitude is exactly what landed me in art school many moons ago. When asked for his opinion on this bloke getting himself into hot water (Pow! Always with the hits!) Vans surf team manager Scott says, "Wow. That guy must be a really good paddler."

Oh well. At least you don’t have to worry about cooking the fish around there. Read the article on THE TELEGRAPH UK.

Monday, July 7, 2008

So Damb Sassy.

I'm sure Chloe Sevigny is going to be super pumped that someone has unearthed a 1992 issue of Sassy Magazine wherein she has an in-depth profile. You see, she was an intern at Sassy at the time and made her own patchwork hats.

Oh, Chloe. You'll always be a Sassy girl to us. In the meantime, laterrrrrs. I have to go stuff my size 44 jeans full of 87,543,764 forties and watch Kids.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Exclusive Photo from Artraffle: The Crail Board!

Well, the "exclusive" part is a lie, but it sounds good. EXCLUSIVEEEEEEE!!!! RAWWWRR!!! See? It works even better in all caps. Hershel from Girl has the best blog in the world, Artraffle. He and some of his friends have been doing this blog for years. (FOREVER ago...before the internet was even born and everything was really hard to do.) Life & skate & art & photofun & goop. Every once in a while Hersh posts something that I can poach. So here it is....the elusive real-life actual Crail Board. Skate nerds go ahead and peeyourpants.

Oh, and here's Hershel's foot some was attached to an email that said nothing but "vangogo" in the subject line. Mystery of mysteries! See more photos on ARTRAFFLE.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Oulks.

I have learned this week that "OULK" is an acronym for "One Ugly Little Kid." Where'd that come from? This kid, Patrick, that works at one of the Vans retail stores emailed me to tell me this little factoid along with a whole mess of info on his skate team called Oulks Rose. The team is made up of Patrick and five of his best friends. They skate around Sacramento, CA. One of the Oulks is actually a pretty talented designer named Som. He made these shoes. I don't know anything about Som other than he skates and makes art at Trader Joes...which is pretty flippin' awesome. Have you see the chalkboards at TJ's? Man, they make me want to eat weird crackers and cheap wine. Crap! It works! So anyway, looks like if you want to know anything about Som, you'll have to email Patrick. I think he's Som's body guard. PATRICK'S MYSPACE