Thursday, June 26, 2008

Team Robespierre

Hey Brooklyn. Why don't you stop being rad and having rad bands live within your rad zip codes. Enough already. Fine, whatevs. It's true that I can't wait to see yet another fantastic Brooklyn band live. Punk chants, synthdance, straight-forward sweaty drum beats, and silly string. Team Robespierre are out to have a good time and either you're down to have one, too, or most'll get kicked in the head by someone crowdsurfing. Your best bet is to stop acting so cool and jaded at the back of the room and dance around a little bit. You know you want to. Team Robespierre can currently be found on the best tour of the year, F Yeah Tour with Matt and Kim, The Death Set, Monotonix. Dan Deacon and the Circle Jerks are also joining the tour for a couple of dates. Fancy! Here's the video for the track "88th Precinct" from their album out on IMPOSE RECORDS. It's by director ADAM CORDELL.

By the way, I'd give a photo credit on the top shot, but I snagged it off the band's myspace. Speaking of...listen to some tracks from Team Robespierre's "Everything's Perfect" HERE.

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The dude said...

I think i just had seizure from the vid haha