Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Story of a Barista

This week adventures (aka going through strangers’ stuff online) led me to Danielle in Atlanta, Georgia. I found this shot of her sneakers and got to wondering what the story is behind these raggedy & loved-to-death Vans.

“The White's, as they were longingly called even after their true color disappeared, were purchased two summers ago and were accidentally worn to work one day. I work at coffee shop called Octane in Atlanta, and I work the bar as a barista and part of the training and development team. Over time the shoes became my preferred choice for work because they were so perfectly worn in. Eventually it got a little out of hand (you know, the toe-holes and obvious grime), and I finally retired them on the day I took those photos.”

Danielle is all pro-barista and junk so she just got back from the US Barista Competition in Minneapolis. (Sick! Who knew?) Apparently, as they called the semi-finalists up to the stage people had to take note of how many Slip-ons were up there.

You see those black legs to the upper right? That’s Kyle Glanville - 2008 US Barista Champion. Crud! He is the barista at Intelligentsia in my ‘hood!

You can see some nice portraits of Danielle’s regular customers at Octane & what they drink here: REGULARS or see her BLOG. Thanks to TONX for the contest photos.

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