Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So...What's Up with the Intern?

Beth Clemmons is one of our interns. She comes in a couple of days a week to help all of us try to make it through expense reports. She sends us nice emails to remind us to do them. Then we don't do it. A week later we cry about how our cards are turned, off and we can't buy shit. Sometimes we poke her with sharp sticks. It's a tough job! the Protec Pool Party a couple of weeks ago, I saw her rocking these half-drawn on sneakers. I asked her to hit me up when she was done with them since they started out pretty rad. Beth showed me the finished products earlier this week so peeeeep this...

Beth is a double major at Cal State Long Beach in Fashion Design & Fashion Merchandising. As far as talking about herself...she really sucks at that. She's all humble. Whatevs. Basically, she's awesome and makes fun stuff. The left kick is inspired by Kurt Halsey's work and the right one is a hodgepodge of 80's Art Deco. I love DIY! You can see more of Beth's work HERE , but she's gotta be your friend first.

Correction from Beth, "im not an intern. Im actually a part-time employee." WHATEVER INTERN!

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