Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Qatar, Okay?

I just found a pretty cool shot from a budding photographer that goes by the moniker "Cherry Kisses.” She’s 16 & from Doha, Qatar. Most likely, you don’t know where that is. Here’s your map…learn something.

Anyway, the Vans logo on her finger is black henna. Cherry says that where she lives many people didn’t know about Vans until they started looking at her pics. Way to be a style maven in your ‘hood, girl. I asked her to write a little about the photos, but…

“my english sucks nd so does my writing skills X_X ! u shud rewrite it in a better way nd crossout the sucky parts XP :D”

No way, Cherry. Your English is way better than my Arabic! You can see more of her photographic sneaker love HERE.


mayoom said...

cherry kisses is the BEST !
i love her shots
she's so COOL
she really ROCKS !
and thats so sweet of u to introduce our country :)
thanks ,,

Adoodi said...

Cherry Kisses is definitely one of the best young photographers here in Qatar.
She really knows how to blend ideas together in order to produce a magnificent piece of art!

Her Vans captures are breathtaking..
And her processing adds an amazing
final touch on the photo..

What was said above is truly true :D ! ..
And We're all really glad that one
of the Qatari photographers was the reason for this introduction about Qatar :) ..!

And yes, She rocks ;) ! ..
Waaaay to go Cherry Kisses, You really deserve this perfect blog ;) !