Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oh, Em Gee! It's The Checkerboard Guy!

Winner of the 1988 Ottawa Busker's Festival as well as the Halifax Busker's Trophy, The Checkerboard Guy - "comic daredevil, juggler, and goof in action" - can be found murdering the festival circuits of Canada with an unrelenting force. Wielding the powers of the six-foot unicycle (of death) and the flaming scooter jump (also of death) how could you NOT be totally fricking KILLING it in Canada. Hey! What about Kamloops, BC? Has CBG been there? Yes, I'm sure the 75th annual Sugarmoose Run was a slaughterhouse more down & dirty than wherever McDonald’s hamburger patties come from. (Aside: I have got to learn how to balance a cap on the end of my nose and then pop it back on my head.)

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