Friday, June 20, 2008

Meet an LA Street Artist...Crow.

LA artist Crow did these kicks for his friend Jean a while ago. I like them because they are actually worn. Adds a lot of character, don't 'cha think? They aren't super overdone. It's really more of a classic what you'd bang out while you're wearing the shoes or something. (What can I say? I'm a fan of outsider art.) As far as I can tell, Crow takes a pretty low profile as he's still very active in street art throughout Huntington Park, West Covina, Downtown LA and the Melrose area. (He's smart enought to block out his face on his flickr, too. Good thinking!) Look out for work talking about some Puto King's as well as some fresh stickers around town from Ports 'O Call. Crow's got his beak in them jawns, too. By the way, he's also made some rad junky flyers for LA's best venue for bands you don't even know about yet, THE SMELL. You can see a bit of Crow's work HERE.

Looks like he's having a good time....let's just say this is his Van...

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