Monday, June 16, 2008

Kyle Lightner's Feet Stink (Probably).

My friend Daniel showed me Kyle's blog a little while ago. He's a pretty good picture-taker-of-things. Unfortunately, Kyle recently suffered a loss. The Vans had reached the inevitable ultimate stink point. You know what I mean. The end that all kicks must face; you can smell your shoes all the way across the room. Several months of no sock's pungent perfume as it tip-toes lightly to your nose... carried by the breeze of an open window...ahhh...Here's KYLE'S FAREWELL BLOG POST:

"i took these dudes off my bare feet last night in my driveway around 10:43p, snapped this photo, then proceeded to throw them in the trash can two feet away.. always a hard decision to make, but much easier when the insides smell like a homeless man’s feces. i love my vans."

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