Thursday, June 19, 2008

DIY Vans Commercial of the Month

I find a ton of these homemade commercials while digging around on youtube. The production value on this one's a little more slick than most. It's a few years old...I'd guess mid-90's from the piercing/awesome hair gel on that skater. Oh, and the shoes. This loverrrly moment is brought to us by director Daniel V. Flores. As a side note, I love the secondary storyline in this thing. Forget the wedding, "That punk skater stole my muffin! ANNNND he didn't even want it!" Who hasn't been there? I tell you what...and not enough has been said about ol' Dimebag Darrel.

(Correction to post...duh. Dimebag kicked off in '04. It just looks '90s.)

1 comment:

Bro. said...

soooooo gooooood!
I want to have a contest with the best homemade vans commercial gets vans for a year!
oh man...doin it for sure!!!!
shawn g.