Friday, June 13, 2008

The Creation of Spicoli

Alexis Winslow is an artist from Norman, Oklahoma who has her hands in just about every medium you can think of. She's making hand bags, painting, designing clothing...what ever she feels like trying out. I hate her. She's good at it all. About a year ago, a friend of hers asked her to design a pair of Vans for a charity art show called CANVAS. Not surprisingly, Alexis blended a couple of her talents on the project and ended up with "The Creation of Spicoli." It's a clever little tongue-in-cheek homage to Michelangelo's "The Creation of Adam."

(Sistine Chapel, bros. That's like "Art for $100" on Jeopardy.) It ain't just paint on these suckers, either. Nope. Homeslice be embroidering on these things!

HERE IS MORE of Alexis' work. Holler at this girl.


Bro. said...

oh man. that is amazing!!!!

Bro. said...

oh man....that is amazing!

nucmedguy said...

Those are truly a work of art!!!

I had a pair of Spicoli's that I loved. They weren't the slip-on kind, it was the chunky skater style sneaker with a checkerboard tongue. Does anyone know where you can still get a pair, my pair got stollen?

nucmedguy said...

That is truly a work of art!

Does anyone know where I can get the a pair of thee Spicoli's (NOT the slip-ons) they were the chuncky skater style with a checkerboard tongue. I loved mine, but they were stolen by an evil ex.

Can't find them anywhere!