Monday, June 30, 2008

Oh, Craig. You and Your Shady Lists...

Yes! Spats! The dandies tell me they're the new hip tart fun. However, I don't want my sneakers to have been "swayed." I want a good solid shoe that has always stood firm on its view points. They are "pretty new," eh? Hmm... well, I guess if you only stepped on one dead rat (dead before you stepped on it, correct?) and pizza I'm sure they are perfect. They don't have the half-cab logo, nor do they have a black tongue? Pish posh! So what if they aren't even the shoe in the picture? Also, since YOU wore them they probably are truly worth the original retail price. No! You sound like a good chap! I'll give you $80 bucks, sir!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Team Robespierre

Hey Brooklyn. Why don't you stop being rad and having rad bands live within your rad zip codes. Enough already. Fine, whatevs. It's true that I can't wait to see yet another fantastic Brooklyn band live. Punk chants, synthdance, straight-forward sweaty drum beats, and silly string. Team Robespierre are out to have a good time and either you're down to have one, too, or most'll get kicked in the head by someone crowdsurfing. Your best bet is to stop acting so cool and jaded at the back of the room and dance around a little bit. You know you want to. Team Robespierre can currently be found on the best tour of the year, F Yeah Tour with Matt and Kim, The Death Set, Monotonix. Dan Deacon and the Circle Jerks are also joining the tour for a couple of dates. Fancy! Here's the video for the track "88th Precinct" from their album out on IMPOSE RECORDS. It's by director ADAM CORDELL.

By the way, I'd give a photo credit on the top shot, but I snagged it off the band's myspace. Speaking of...listen to some tracks from Team Robespierre's "Everything's Perfect" HERE.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oh, Em Gee! It's The Checkerboard Guy!

Winner of the 1988 Ottawa Busker's Festival as well as the Halifax Busker's Trophy, The Checkerboard Guy - "comic daredevil, juggler, and goof in action" - can be found murdering the festival circuits of Canada with an unrelenting force. Wielding the powers of the six-foot unicycle (of death) and the flaming scooter jump (also of death) how could you NOT be totally fricking KILLING it in Canada. Hey! What about Kamloops, BC? Has CBG been there? Yes, I'm sure the 75th annual Sugarmoose Run was a slaughterhouse more down & dirty than wherever McDonald’s hamburger patties come from. (Aside: I have got to learn how to balance a cap on the end of my nose and then pop it back on my head.)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Soooooo Trippy!

These custom jobs were painted with neon acrylics and have about 15 hours of work in them according to their creator, XXDRUMMER.
They glow in the dark under black light! And if you have a black light, I'm sure you know that George Washington was in a cult. And the cult was into aliens, man. And you look like this:

or perhaps your name is Adam, and you're in your basement having a practice session. If so, these shoes can certainly take you were you're the edge of infinity (really far, dude).

Friday, June 20, 2008

Meet an LA Street Artist...Crow.

LA artist Crow did these kicks for his friend Jean a while ago. I like them because they are actually worn. Adds a lot of character, don't 'cha think? They aren't super overdone. It's really more of a classic what you'd bang out while you're wearing the shoes or something. (What can I say? I'm a fan of outsider art.) As far as I can tell, Crow takes a pretty low profile as he's still very active in street art throughout Huntington Park, West Covina, Downtown LA and the Melrose area. (He's smart enought to block out his face on his flickr, too. Good thinking!) Look out for work talking about some Puto King's as well as some fresh stickers around town from Ports 'O Call. Crow's got his beak in them jawns, too. By the way, he's also made some rad junky flyers for LA's best venue for bands you don't even know about yet, THE SMELL. You can see a bit of Crow's work HERE.

Looks like he's having a good time....let's just say this is his Van...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

DIY Vans Commercial of the Month

I find a ton of these homemade commercials while digging around on youtube. The production value on this one's a little more slick than most. It's a few years old...I'd guess mid-90's from the piercing/awesome hair gel on that skater. Oh, and the shoes. This loverrrly moment is brought to us by director Daniel V. Flores. As a side note, I love the secondary storyline in this thing. Forget the wedding, "That punk skater stole my muffin! ANNNND he didn't even want it!" Who hasn't been there? I tell you what...and not enough has been said about ol' Dimebag Darrel.

(Correction to post...duh. Dimebag kicked off in '04. It just looks '90s.)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Uli Rockt die Scheiße.

Ahh ha! Uli Rahms snapped this photo while he was in Covent Garden, London. Uli travels a lot...documenting all kinds of street art and skating and whatever else strikes his fancy along the way. He currently resides in Stadtlohn NRW, Germany. (That's how you know he's TOTALLY BERZERKERRRR!) I would have enjoyed watching that photo get taken..."Hang on everyone! I've got to take off my shoe and throw it into the street and take a photo of it as I stand here on one foot so my sock doesn't get street poop all over it." MORE ADVENTURES IN ULILAND.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Kyle Lightner's Feet Stink (Probably).

My friend Daniel showed me Kyle's blog a little while ago. He's a pretty good picture-taker-of-things. Unfortunately, Kyle recently suffered a loss. The Vans had reached the inevitable ultimate stink point. You know what I mean. The end that all kicks must face; you can smell your shoes all the way across the room. Several months of no sock's pungent perfume as it tip-toes lightly to your nose... carried by the breeze of an open window...ahhh...Here's KYLE'S FAREWELL BLOG POST:

"i took these dudes off my bare feet last night in my driveway around 10:43p, snapped this photo, then proceeded to throw them in the trash can two feet away.. always a hard decision to make, but much easier when the insides smell like a homeless man’s feces. i love my vans."

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Creation of Spicoli

Alexis Winslow is an artist from Norman, Oklahoma who has her hands in just about every medium you can think of. She's making hand bags, painting, designing clothing...what ever she feels like trying out. I hate her. She's good at it all. About a year ago, a friend of hers asked her to design a pair of Vans for a charity art show called CANVAS. Not surprisingly, Alexis blended a couple of her talents on the project and ended up with "The Creation of Spicoli." It's a clever little tongue-in-cheek homage to Michelangelo's "The Creation of Adam."

(Sistine Chapel, bros. That's like "Art for $100" on Jeopardy.) It ain't just paint on these suckers, either. Nope. Homeslice be embroidering on these things!

HERE IS MORE of Alexis' work. Holler at this girl.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

This is What Happens to Old Kicks in the City...

Tinne Theunis was visiting NYC for the first time from Belgium last year when these photos were snapped. Here's the story behind the photos...

"...everywhere I looked I saw things I had never seen before. I was amazed by almost everything. On one of my last days, I was strolling/looking around again, when I suddenly noticed a tree full of shoes near a skate park. Pretty cool. I started taking random pictures when the pair of Vans grabbed my attention. They couldn’t have found a better way of hanging into that tree... so this is the story behind "shoes in a tree/focus on Vans shoes"."

One more person in love with The City...sigh! See more of Tinne's extensive travel photography HERE.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Qatar, Okay?

I just found a pretty cool shot from a budding photographer that goes by the moniker "Cherry Kisses.” She’s 16 & from Doha, Qatar. Most likely, you don’t know where that is. Here’s your map…learn something.

Anyway, the Vans logo on her finger is black henna. Cherry says that where she lives many people didn’t know about Vans until they started looking at her pics. Way to be a style maven in your ‘hood, girl. I asked her to write a little about the photos, but…

“my english sucks nd so does my writing skills X_X ! u shud rewrite it in a better way nd crossout the sucky parts XP :D”

No way, Cherry. Your English is way better than my Arabic! You can see more of her photographic sneaker love HERE.

Friday, June 6, 2008

The Shoes

Let me introduce ya'll to French dance band, The Shoes. Think MSTRKRFT or Health, but with an un-ironic and appreciative club dance if Ibiza wasn't an asshole. These guys just played Hiro in NYC on May 8th, and they've been running around Europe with Soulwax. They are definitely ones to watch. You can download their debut single "Knock Out" on iTunes or snag one of their older tracks, I'M 4 REAL for FREE. I am currently sitting at my desk pounding my fist in the air to this. Come on people.

Not only do The Shoes, get your bootie shakin' on the floor... they also love polaroids and making lovely animated Vans. I would have invented these guys. I would have invented computers, too if I had thought of them first. And cupcakes, also. I looove me some cupcakes.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bicycle Film Fest 2008 Kicks Off in NYC

Last week the Bicycle Film Fest 2008 officially started in NYC. Besides the usual parade of awesome bikes and films about bikes and bike riding and bike talking...add the Reverend Al Sharpton to the mix. That's right. The Rev rode his bike in the city's Critical Mass after speaking out about some more crazy stuff going down with New York's Finest. SUCKAPANTS covered the event for FECALFACE where I snagged one of his photos.

If you want to see the Reverend Al in action, check out TEAM SPIDER's video of the ride.

The next Bicycle Film Festival is scheduled for June 18-21 in Toronto. Check THEIR SITE for the list of cities and events.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So...What's Up with the Intern?

Beth Clemmons is one of our interns. She comes in a couple of days a week to help all of us try to make it through expense reports. She sends us nice emails to remind us to do them. Then we don't do it. A week later we cry about how our cards are turned, off and we can't buy shit. Sometimes we poke her with sharp sticks. It's a tough job! the Protec Pool Party a couple of weeks ago, I saw her rocking these half-drawn on sneakers. I asked her to hit me up when she was done with them since they started out pretty rad. Beth showed me the finished products earlier this week so peeeeep this...

Beth is a double major at Cal State Long Beach in Fashion Design & Fashion Merchandising. As far as talking about herself...she really sucks at that. She's all humble. Whatevs. Basically, she's awesome and makes fun stuff. The left kick is inspired by Kurt Halsey's work and the right one is a hodgepodge of 80's Art Deco. I love DIY! You can see more of Beth's work HERE , but she's gotta be your friend first.

Correction from Beth, "im not an intern. Im actually a part-time employee." WHATEVER INTERN!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Story of a Barista

This week adventures (aka going through strangers’ stuff online) led me to Danielle in Atlanta, Georgia. I found this shot of her sneakers and got to wondering what the story is behind these raggedy & loved-to-death Vans.

“The White's, as they were longingly called even after their true color disappeared, were purchased two summers ago and were accidentally worn to work one day. I work at coffee shop called Octane in Atlanta, and I work the bar as a barista and part of the training and development team. Over time the shoes became my preferred choice for work because they were so perfectly worn in. Eventually it got a little out of hand (you know, the toe-holes and obvious grime), and I finally retired them on the day I took those photos.”

Danielle is all pro-barista and junk so she just got back from the US Barista Competition in Minneapolis. (Sick! Who knew?) Apparently, as they called the semi-finalists up to the stage people had to take note of how many Slip-ons were up there.

You see those black legs to the upper right? That’s Kyle Glanville - 2008 US Barista Champion. Crud! He is the barista at Intelligentsia in my ‘hood!

You can see some nice portraits of Danielle’s regular customers at Octane & what they drink here: REGULARS or see her BLOG. Thanks to TONX for the contest photos.