Friday, May 16, 2008

Sage Vaughn N.A.S.A. Video

Sam Spiegel (Sqeak E. Clean) and Sage Vaughn (one of Vans' Sky Gallery artists) directed this video for a track from the hopefully-soon-to-drop NASA independent release Spiegel's been crafting since - as far as I can guess - 2004 with Ze Gonzales (DJ Zegon). There's a laundry list of talent on the roster for this project bringing together both musicians and visual artists from different backgrounds. I've read that Tom Waits, Method Man, RZA, David Byrne, Karen O, Kool Keith, George Clinton, M.I.A., Barbie Hatch, John Frusciante, CSS's Lovefoxxx, Spankrock, DJ AM and the Cool Kids (and that sure ain’t everyone) are showing up in varying capacities on the music side while Sage, Shepherd Fairey, The Date Farmers, and others are going to be breaking out the crayons and markers. Directors Syd Garon and Spike Jonze (Spiegel's brother) are partnering with Sam on the videos for this project as well. One more thing....there's also a short documentary in the works. GAH! How does he keep all of this straight? I bet he got a ton of post-it notes.

Here's the synopsis of the video for "Way Down" from the Swerve Film Festival site:

"A doomed love affair between rival gangs, told entirely with birds. This music video is like an animated version of Winged Migration meets Straight Outta Compton, featuring hundreds of gorgeous hand painted frames by L.A. artist Sage Vaughn."

And Barbie Hatch, the lovely voice on the track, says the song is about a girl in love with the Devil. OoOooOoo! Scandalous. Click here for more goo about NASA.

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