Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Medicine for Melancholy

This new film by Director Barry Jenkins has been doing pretty well on the film festival circuit. All I've seen so far is the trailer, but the feature will be making an appearance at next month's LA Film Festival. You should snag some tickets and be a part of some glitz and glamour up in Hollywood, nah mean? The soundtrack is flippin' fantastic and both of the main characters have excellent taste in footwear. They are running around in checkerboard Slip-ons and Prison Issues during the whole film.

Here's the basic film synopsis: "A love story of bikes and one-night stands told through two African-American twenty-somethings dealing with issues of class, identity, and the evolving conundrum of being a minority in rapidly gentrifying San Francisco—a city with the smallest proportional black population of any other major American city."

Get more info on Medicine for Melancholy on their site: YAY SITE!

Oh and, like, two more things…

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