Saturday, May 3, 2008

Cultural Urge Ain't No Shrimp on the Barbie.

Sorry, if I'm about to talk about Australia..I have to make a bad Mick Dundee joke. It's required. Anyway back to the matter at hand...Even though he’s been killing the Sydney, Australia art scene since his first solo show in his hometown in late 2006, Artist Cultural Urge is a fellow who has only just recently popped up on my radar. How’d I miss this guy? He works almost exclusively in black and white, using varied layers of stencils along with spray paint to create the majority of his work. Here’s a pair of Vans he recently finished up…and he didn’t forget the importance of the packaging. Take a look at his myspace. He’s got a ton of great photos from past shows and recent work. Cultural Urge is an artist AND he can use a computer to update his page? WHAT?
Cultural Urge's page.

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