Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Blythe Dolls Gotta Be Stylie, Too.

Never heard of Blythe, huh? Originally made by Kenner in the early '70s, this doll with the color-changing eyes freaked little girls out. However, Blythe was re-discovered in the late '90s and is somewhat of a doll phenomenon. Collectors pay mad loot for both the vintage dolls on ebay and the new editions now released in limited quantities by Hasbro. There's even a photo book about Blythe by photographer Gina Garan. What's the big deal with these dolls? It's all about creativity. If you own one, then you've got to customize her. Collectors hand sew clothes, shoes and accessories to make their dolls one-of-a-kind. They basically become an ongoing art project. Blythe groups also get together to show off what they've been up to.

Maria Inês, an aficionado in all things Blythe, was kind enough to lend photos of her doll Emilia to the cause for today. Emilia can be seen above at the beach and bro-ing down with other Blythes and below rocking the checkerboard Slip-ons. For more photos of Maria and Emilia, look HERE.

To see some crazy/awesome Blythe contests and photo shoots take a look HERE.

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Maria Inês said...

Loved your Blythe post!
Is nice to know that people like them... I still have frinds who think these dolls look psico and ask me if they're not going to kill me while i sleep! I don't care, i fell in love with them, and i only have two (if only they weren't so expensive...) i know people who have over ten dolls! I slightly customized my Virgínia (she's as Mod Molly Blythe) but that's nothing compared with what some people do!! By the way, my Emília is a Daindy Biscuit Blythe. Thanks again for the post Nikki! And you're welcome to use my pics! =)