Friday, May 30, 2008

Datarock Killed It.

A little while back at the Coachella Music Festival, we ran into the rad dudes from Datarock. Guess what? They like us, too. Red Slip-ons are part of their everyday show steeze. Soooo...they were nice enough to hook us up with some tickets to check out their show last night at the Henry Fonda in LA.

They were opening for Ladytron, but I have to tell ya, they murdered them. Datarock were freaking out and jumping around across the stage like little red superballs…standing on the drums all sweaty and crazy and screaming. The crowd loved it so they kept playing until the powers that be literally dropped the curtain on them and turned off their mikes. We were pretty bummed because they were just getting ready to launch into that song, "I had the time of my life..." You know! The one from Dirty Dancing! Go see them. Give 'em your money. It will be worth it. And everyone knows that cool people go to see good bands. Here are some of the nice folks we met last night...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Do You See What Happens, Larry?

You are sporting your best terry cloth track suit. The cardboard, oh yes, you have cut it to the perfect specifications. Alas, Life! She can be cruel. One minute, your friends think you dance well. In but a're an idiot. And you feel all stupid. An improperly fitting slip-on can lead to disaster... or a judo air waffle grip to the face! Geoff McFetridge did this movie 'cause he bought these blue Vans at a thrift store, and they were too big. Anything else? Oh... and Geoff wants "$1000000000please0000" after I use this clip. Is it cool if I paypal it? I got a billion dollars in that jawn from my side hustle selling antique postage stamps on ebay.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Blythe Dolls Gotta Be Stylie, Too.

Never heard of Blythe, huh? Originally made by Kenner in the early '70s, this doll with the color-changing eyes freaked little girls out. However, Blythe was re-discovered in the late '90s and is somewhat of a doll phenomenon. Collectors pay mad loot for both the vintage dolls on ebay and the new editions now released in limited quantities by Hasbro. There's even a photo book about Blythe by photographer Gina Garan. What's the big deal with these dolls? It's all about creativity. If you own one, then you've got to customize her. Collectors hand sew clothes, shoes and accessories to make their dolls one-of-a-kind. They basically become an ongoing art project. Blythe groups also get together to show off what they've been up to.

Maria Inês, an aficionado in all things Blythe, was kind enough to lend photos of her doll Emilia to the cause for today. Emilia can be seen above at the beach and bro-ing down with other Blythes and below rocking the checkerboard Slip-ons. For more photos of Maria and Emilia, look HERE.

To see some crazy/awesome Blythe contests and photo shoots take a look HERE.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Medicine for Melancholy

This new film by Director Barry Jenkins has been doing pretty well on the film festival circuit. All I've seen so far is the trailer, but the feature will be making an appearance at next month's LA Film Festival. You should snag some tickets and be a part of some glitz and glamour up in Hollywood, nah mean? The soundtrack is flippin' fantastic and both of the main characters have excellent taste in footwear. They are running around in checkerboard Slip-ons and Prison Issues during the whole film.

Here's the basic film synopsis: "A love story of bikes and one-night stands told through two African-American twenty-somethings dealing with issues of class, identity, and the evolving conundrum of being a minority in rapidly gentrifying San Francisco—a city with the smallest proportional black population of any other major American city."

Get more info on Medicine for Melancholy on their site: YAY SITE!

Oh and, like, two more things…

Monday, May 19, 2008

Protec Pool Party!

Saturday..all day and all night...the Protec Pool Party (as in old school skate the drained pool not like bikinis and water wings) was going off in Orange, CA at the Vans Skatepark. Tickets to get into the contest were tight even for Vans employees. I was super excited to be able to snag a ticket and check it out since practically every name in skateboarding was there (and I was born in the '80s and missed that stuff). Yes, I met Lance Mountain. And yes, I'm sure I had a big stupid grin on my face.

Click above photographic rendering of our friends Radcore and Kar-E-Z to see the polaroid gallery of fantastic times.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Sage Vaughn N.A.S.A. Video

Sam Spiegel (Sqeak E. Clean) and Sage Vaughn (one of Vans' Sky Gallery artists) directed this video for a track from the hopefully-soon-to-drop NASA independent release Spiegel's been crafting since - as far as I can guess - 2004 with Ze Gonzales (DJ Zegon). There's a laundry list of talent on the roster for this project bringing together both musicians and visual artists from different backgrounds. I've read that Tom Waits, Method Man, RZA, David Byrne, Karen O, Kool Keith, George Clinton, M.I.A., Barbie Hatch, John Frusciante, CSS's Lovefoxxx, Spankrock, DJ AM and the Cool Kids (and that sure ain’t everyone) are showing up in varying capacities on the music side while Sage, Shepherd Fairey, The Date Farmers, and others are going to be breaking out the crayons and markers. Directors Syd Garon and Spike Jonze (Spiegel's brother) are partnering with Sam on the videos for this project as well. One more thing....there's also a short documentary in the works. GAH! How does he keep all of this straight? I bet he got a ton of post-it notes.

Here's the synopsis of the video for "Way Down" from the Swerve Film Festival site:

"A doomed love affair between rival gangs, told entirely with birds. This music video is like an animated version of Winged Migration meets Straight Outta Compton, featuring hundreds of gorgeous hand painted frames by L.A. artist Sage Vaughn."

And Barbie Hatch, the lovely voice on the track, says the song is about a girl in love with the Devil. OoOooOoo! Scandalous. Click here for more goo about NASA.

Get Ready for Some Cute.

I don't consider myself a softie, but this one got me. There are so many layers of achingly adorable garbage here that I had to post it. Baxter, a Vans office puppy with a broken leg in a little red cast, passed out yesterday after obviously killing it on our ramp for hours. I always marvel at how many people are walking around the Vans office wearing a wide variety of braces and casts. Perhaps our pets don't want to be left out?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Regard! Je Peux Saisir Français!

You know how things always loose a bit of the clever side when translated from one language to another? Like, when you're standing there trying to explain to someone you've just met that doesn't natively speak your language that your joke really is terribly witty? Well, Parisian designer, LA10ZGN, must be one of those whose name has fallen victim to this phenom. Call him "La-Tin-Zigen" or "Nicolas Sarkozy." It kinda doesn't matter since his work can stand on its own.

He's got a great portfolio of illustration and toy design...check him out and learn to speak French so you can impress people ....HERE. Yeah, you should probably just call him Nicolas Sarkozy. I bet he would like that.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Wetboys on MTV?

According to a really, really detailed article from the Denver Westword News on The Wetboys (skate amalgam/crew/ruckus), MTV has approached the guys about a pilot for their own show. In the Westword piece, some are against the possibility of the show and others see it as one more chance to eff off on some one else's dime. Read the full article here.

And they have pretty much the best site ever...there's, like, some type and videos and a blank page. It's minimal. Post-everything, circa everything, ya'll. Wetboys site.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Cultural Urge Ain't No Shrimp on the Barbie.

Sorry, if I'm about to talk about Australia..I have to make a bad Mick Dundee joke. It's required. Anyway back to the matter at hand...Even though he’s been killing the Sydney, Australia art scene since his first solo show in his hometown in late 2006, Artist Cultural Urge is a fellow who has only just recently popped up on my radar. How’d I miss this guy? He works almost exclusively in black and white, using varied layers of stencils along with spray paint to create the majority of his work. Here’s a pair of Vans he recently finished up…and he didn’t forget the importance of the packaging. Take a look at his myspace. He’s got a ton of great photos from past shows and recent work. Cultural Urge is an artist AND he can use a computer to update his page? WHAT?
Cultural Urge's page.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

What up, O' SIDE?

Sarah Sculley has been managing Syllabus Gallery in Oceanside, CA for a little while now. Her body of work spans everything from magazine ads to accessories to photography. You just can't nail her down, huh? Stop in to the gallery if you can to say hello and check out the customs she's been working out....

She's turning around her work pretty quick these days so hit her up while it's kinda mellow: Sarah Sculley Designs.