Monday, April 14, 2008

You're a VIP to Me.

Last Friday night, I dropped into a Warped Tour Kick-off show in West Hollywood to snap a couple of photos. (Yay! Two drugstore disposable cameras, and I am the paparazzi.) Of course, there was a big line outside the club. Each time you go out in LA there is always a big line down the street. Besides that, everyone always wants to get into VIP. (The grocery store has got to give people VIP cards so you can get your free turkey at the holidays, nah mean?) Throughout that fine evening, I spent a little time behind the curtain and a little out in general admission. Let me take a couple of minutes to show each group what the other was missing.

VIPS, you missed this: Out in general admission, there were at least 100 kids who were having the best time of their lives. I mean, really, best night ever lived in all their 15 years. I do not doubt that there were mad kids in the show that drove an hour into Hollywood from Riverside for the first time, and their parents didn’t know it.

General Admission, here’s what you missed: Dicky Barrett’s necktie, the Tony Alva skate team, one of the guys from Norma Jean’s boots, and pizza. Oh, and you missed little cheeseburgers too, but so did I because Dicky ate them.

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