Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rock The Bells Kick-off Show

Vans just signed on to do tour support this summer for a pretty fantastic indie hip hop tour called Paid Dues. The same people that run Paid Dues also do the big ol' Rock the Bells tour. Both tours share a few artists so when we were invited to go to the Rock The Bells kick-off party last night for a preview of who'll we'll be seeing on the road we were all over it. Don't think there wan't some booty shakin' goin' on up in that club! In a venue about the size of my house we got to see Wale, Raekwon, De La Soul, Murs, Supernatural and a whole mess of serious talent. Let's just say there were a couple of us that were a little "under the weather" today at the office. You can see the lineups for the tours here: Guerilla Union.

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