Thursday, April 3, 2008

Kurt Does His Taxes Listening To Hatebreed.

I got an email yesterday from Kurt Ehnle from Kentucky who spends his time on tour running around the world with bands. He takes photos, too. Besides that, he's definitely done at least one thing that you haven't. "I once jumped on a trampoline with a daughter of an ABBA member." Nope, haven't done that. Kurt has taken the same pair of checkerboard slip-ons on every trip for the last 5 years. (Try to tell me these things ain't stanky. You know you'd be putting them things double-bagged in the trunk of the rental car and trying to leave them at the airport if you had to travel with him. Don't front.) Secondarily, Kurt was in a band called Bonerwolf. They only had one practice and broke up, but as far as the trend in predatory animal band names...this one is my current favorites.

Here are more of Kurt's photos so you can look at them and want to go someplace: Vietnamted.

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