Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I May Have Seen One Tattoo Last Night.

I ended up making it over to Thought Gallery in Hollywood last night after all for the Compound Radio art auction/great reason to party. As expected, the crowd was shoulder to shoulder and hanging all out the door. I caught the owner of the gallery, Ian, for a quick chat about the idea behind having an art gallery in Hollywood. It's about walking by and walking in. Thought Gallery has no website, no phone number, and is only open during bar hours. You can go next door to the adjoining Burgundy Room, snag a beer, and pop back around the corner to check out whatever show that's up.

Josh Lazie and Janine James from Compound were busy being absolutely flippin’ adorable while simultaneously running the show. The recurring theme of the evening was definitely mustachioed marvels. Artist, Oliver Peck, and Honus Honus from the band Man Man talked serious wax. Clubman, my friend. (You got to craft them things, son.) We also learned that Honus’ dad is Charles Bronson.

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