Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Compound Radio, Ya'll!

I got a neat tip on a fantastic new internet radio station out of Hollywood called Compound Radio. I've been listening to Josh Lazie, the guy that started the station, for a while this morning. Apparently not one to mince words, Josh was discussing why he felt the need to kick out a project like this, "We were sick of getting mainstream, bullshit music forced down our throats." Tough, but fair, Josh.

There's a benefit for the station tonight in Hollywood. You should stop in if you're around because everyone loves a nice art show. You can say rad things like, "OMG! This painting is so post-everything. Sans-meaning. It just IS. You know?" And then you’ll get a kick in the throat ‘cause this crowd ain’t about to roll like that. Our friend Oliver Peck, who's done a bunch of work with us at Vans, has contributed pieces to the event this evening, too. He's also got his own morning show debuting on Compound in the next couple of weeks. His show will join the ranks alongside dudes you like...Duane Peters and DH Peligro, to name a couple. (No, not like, a COUPLE. Less than a few.)

Their site is not trife. Looky here: Compound Radio.

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