Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I'm not going to talk too much about how awesome all the bands were at Coachella. Duh. I had the fantastic dilemma of deciding which of my favorite bands to go check out because they were playing simultaneously within 100 yards of each other. Then I got to hang out with them. Yep, you missed out, but here’s the real deal. I watched a ton of people dripping sweat while smoking cigarettes in 104F degree heat. Now that’s dedication. I saw mess of guys so sunburned that it looked like they were wearing fresh white tees when in fact they were shirtless. The gross-out award goes to the multiple guys and gals witnessed going barefoot into and out of port-o-potties. (That ain’t dirt on your feet, slice.)

Nighttime was utter chaos. It was a battlefield strewn with casualties. Imagine people lying in the middle of a field passed out…a lot. No, not near anything…the frickin’ center of a field with everyone walking AROUND them. Ten feet away you’d see people full on making out. Ten feet from that, you’d see “cool dad” with a straw cowboy hat and 3 kids pounding down some pizza. Toss in a glow stick circle and call it a day. Best weekend EVER!

Click below for the big ol' close up gallery. WHOOHOO!


noahb said...

love the polaroids Nikki! Good seeing you on Sunday.


Anonymous said...
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sabrina said...

yay. my shoes are on there. love the blog, you captured the true essence of coachella :]

Nikki S. said...

hahah glad you like them, sabrina!