Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Chobopop: That's Budapest talk for "Neat!"

Chobopop are Amee and Csabaa. Who are they? A couple of artsy-fartsy kids from Budapest (Dang, I'm HUNGARY...sha-ZAM!), that's who. They make handmade toys and all kinds of neat prints and junk. A while back, they made these customs for the Vanstyle Budapest Godor Show. This ain’t just another paint job, suckas. That's some flock heat transfers on them jawns. I'm sure you'll be seeing more from them soon. Just last week, they debuted a collaboration with Nakanari at myplasticheartnyc. Their myspace looks like a Japanese-teenage-vomit-party, but in a cute way. Chobopop!

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