Tuesday, April 22, 2008

'Bama Mud! Hellfire, Son!

In 1977 Rodney Wills was a kid living outside Birmingham, Alabama. Everything changed for him when he managed to get hold of a magazine that introduced him to his first glimpse of skating. Not a big deal for most, but for a kid in the rural south...that's pretty much like seeing aliens eating french fries at McDonald's. Every job this guy's had since picking up that magazine when he was a kid has involved something crazy with wheels...from skating to bmx, to motor sports. Somehow, he's managed to hang on to the first pair of Vans that he ever bought! Here's what he has to say about his original gangsta Eras:

"I remember this pair of VANS very well. They are size 4.5 and I bought them in 1977. I think I ordered them from Val-Surf as no one was selling VANS in the state of Alabama in 1977. Kids at school laughed at me the first time I wore them to school. They had never seen them before. I did not care if they laughed as I knew they were skate shoes and were from California. I found the Val-Surf advertisement in Skate Boarder magazine. There was no internet back then!!!"

He's got a whole stash of these old SkateBoarder Mags...hmmm...November, 1977.

If you like things with wheels, too, you'll really be into Rodney's blog. Don't worry hip kids! He covers fixed gears as well. GCRad1 Blog.

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