Monday, March 10, 2008

Vans Will Make You Popular

Here's a homemade Vans commercial made by a group of middle school girls. In the first scene we see a girl who has bad posture and glasses. Obviously, she is a total looser. I mean, who has bad posture? Gross! Glasses? Yucko! Skip to scene two where the unfortunate lame-o is confronted by a vicious pack of 13-year-old girls wearing Vans. “Your shoes are ugly. I don't like you!" Completely deserving of slaughter, the dork takes it. If only she could get the right shoes. Crud! Suddenly self-aware, the nerd sees that the road to social salvation lies within the purchase of a new pair of shoes. Zing! Instant popularity. Genius. You want to make fun of it, but you know it’s effed up and true ‘cause you have that one friend that dresses like a meth-head grandma that you make fun of and always say, “She’s be so cuuuute if she’d just fix up a little!” Coldretardedbusted. Thanks for pointing out that we’re jerks, kids. Go to school and shut it. Furthermore, this video also proves that if you go to the US Virgin Islands, where this video was reportedly shot, Vans will turn you into Catherine Zeta-Jones wearing a sparkle dress.

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Lia said...

that was the best commercial i have ever seen it made me cry i laughed so hard i love teen girls that are cool so much.