Friday, March 28, 2008

Vans Pier Classic or I Love Polaroids.

Today I skipped the office and headed down to the pier at Huntington Beach, CA to see the Vans Pier Classic Surf Event. When I showed up, it was fairly early and kinda chilly. The only people there were the competitors, joggers who happened by, and a few die-hards. Surfers are morning people, however, I don't know if I am. They were all happy and chatty. I barely managed to mumble something conversational, ", eh?" Around 10am things really got going. It's summer, and there were kids all over the place. Nah, they ain't worried about no school! In HB, you ain't got to sweat what to wear, either. It's mellow. You need swim trunks and flip-flops, and you are totally solid.

I managed to meet a few of the Vans surf team pros. You'll be happy to know that Dane, Jon Jon, Rat, and Pat really are all nice guys. I also found out that Toby (little kid in brown shirt see above) has an electric guitar and can, in fact, play 'Smoke on the Water.' He told me.

Also, Huntington Beach parking attendants are awesome. Michelle. Go find her. True Story. Happened to me today, "So all you have is a credit card? You don't have any cash? Oh, it's ok. Have a great day!"

And don't gimme no crap for scanning these pics all jank. I am keeping it real and real is kinkos and kinkos is jank. There's a full circle for you. Besides, bro. It's beach day! Go eat a fish taco.

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Renee said...

long live polaroid!