Monday, March 3, 2008

Vans Cup Tahoe- We should have been asleep.

Of course, no snowboard event would be complete without a knockdown, drag out, party were everyone goes bananas looking for wristbands (but no one ever finds out what the wristbands are for). The Snowboarder Magazine party for Vans Cup was no different. Set the stage in a sketchy casino on the Nevada/California boarder where the d├ęcor reflects the theme, "It takes a whole lotta money to look this cheap." Basically, it was gorgeous. I'll assume you can guess what happens when about 500 snowboarders are drinking for free..."one-two-skip a few" and start my story at about 2am on yesterday morning.

So...I'm sitting with the whole Vans crew out in the lobby of this casino waiting for a cab. This little kid comes up to me, doesn't even look like he's old enough to drive yet, and says, "Are you Leanne Pelosi?"

Now, Leanne is a pro-snowboarder whom I look absolutely nothing like except that we are both white girls and have hair. Of course, I say to the kid, "Hi! No, sorry. I'm not Leanne. I'm Nikki." The kid starts arguing with me about it and getting really pissed. He's all, "I saw you on hill today and you signed something for me, and now you want to act like you don't remember?"

Enter stage left, JG from Satellite Board Shop, "Aw come on Leanne! Just sign something else for him. It's not a big deal." Thanks, pal.

Then, everyone in the lobby chimes in, "Yeah, Leanne! Stop being a snob," etc. What am I supposed to do? I don't want the kid running around saying that Leanne is a jerk, right? So, I'm all..eff it. I apologize and give the kid a hug...and what happens? He grabs my ass and runs as fast as he can down the hallway. Well, I guess, figuratively, he grabbed your ass, Leanne. What happened next? You can't punch kids, especially ones wearing Vans T-shirts when you work for the company. I went outside to catch a cab. Good thing I did because the shot of this girl really sums it all up nicely...

Oh! Parting shot. Kris from The House snowboard shop and Dan from One Way board shop are now BFF. They have promised to write each other at least once a week and hope to hang out again at camp next summer.


Huckleberry Hart said...

Smart ass kids.

Anonymous said...

well you do kinda look like her nikki.

Nikki S. said...

nuh uh! ttthhhpppp!!!!