Monday, March 3, 2008

Vans Cup Tahoe- The Moral of the Story

While I was sitting in the registration office before the half pipe event, this guy walks in who is obviously new to the snowboard scene. He tells us that he "saw on the tube" that he could get a free ticket to watch the event, and he wasn't going anywhere until he got it. I could tell that this cat had a story like no one I know, so I asked him if I could interview him. Guess what? The file got corrupted. Awesome. Here are the basics:

I sat down with Raphael having no idea what's going to come out of this guy's mouth. I started off with an easy know...what brings ya here and all that rot? He tells me that he's never been on a snowboard and he thought it would be kinda trippy to check it out. One thing leads to another and we get to the topic of his occupation. "I'm a career hippie." Raphael states it in a way that I know he's serious. He goes on to tell me about his life on tour with Grateful Dead from 1977-1998. While on the road he sold ginseng for money at the tour stops. I asked him if he could recall the first time he met the band. At some point, he'd met Bob Weir and Raphael became Bob's ginseng supplier. One day when he was taking Bob's ginseng backstage, he ran right into Jerry Garcia. He was awestruck. All he could think of to do was offer Jerry some ginseng. Jerry looked at him and said something like, "Nah, I quit doing that one."

That's not where the story ends. Raphael told me that a year later to the day, he ran in to Jerry for the second time backstage at a concert and offered him the ginseng again, but that time he took it. "It was like I was living the same moment again somewhere it had just doubled back again on the universe and had gone full circle. I couldn't believe it! The same thing in the same situation! It was so trippy!" What could I say but, "Man, Raphael! You just melted my face." Thanks, Raphael. Keep on truckin.'

What does it all mean? Well, sometimes you're a 15-year old girl with braces and you have a fish on your head.

You can see all the out takes from all of the photos that Andy, Cate, Britt, and I took from this past week here: Vans Cup Tahoe Photo Collection.


Anonymous said...

Cool story, but in the future, use an online word processor (google docs for instance) so your files won't get corrupted.

Nikki S. said...

thanks, but that wouldn't have worked. it was actually a video file. it just wasn't mean to be. i think he was just too great to capture on film:)