Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tom Bond, Tom Bond Stole You.

I saw these tarted up KVDs on the Joy Engine site. The artist, Tom Bond, is a friend of theirs who is a student at ye olde Colorado University. He be making art there and probably listening secretly to some jam bands. I did my best to get more info on Tom Bond via the usual channels to no avail. (How you ain't gonna be on facebook, sucka?) I hate to tell you, Tom Bond, but you got competition for your name AND occupation. Tom Bond, are you ready for Tom Bond? (the big reveal) Here is the other TOM BOND who is also an ARTIST!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

and this is a sample of his other work.... OHHHHH!!!!!

and here is part of the elder Tom Bond's artist statement... more AHHHH!!!!
"His highly developed sense of color, tone and composition evokes an almost magical sense of life into his paintings." Whoa, Tom Bond. That sounds like a threat to me... a threat to be handled by a no holds barred battle! CAAAAGE MAAAATCH!


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