Friday, March 21, 2008

The Milo-down

San Diego is about to get an interesting addition to it's sneaker-loving art scene. Milo, a new store opening at 3824 Ray Street, has a quite specific mission. Owner and sneakerhead, Magali Jay-Snyder, is teaming up with both local and international artists to create a space where you can pick up the best-of-the-best of original custom painted sneakers. The entire inventory will be custom work. This ain't limited edition. Some of this stuff will be no edition. There be, like, one pair like yours. Neato! A couple of weeks ago, the shop held a preview event for the neighborhood where a couple of local artists sat in the store front window and worked on kicks live. (Oh! And Ben Bobzien, an up-and-coming artist that I posted about a few months back, is this here fella with the dark hair.)

Milo isn't due to open until late May or early June, but you can stop into Santos Coffee House (Magali's other spot) and give a shout of support. I hear they got a good cup of joe. Holler. Skinny mocha weenie half caff. 180 out. Milo Myspace (under construction).

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