Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Gross Uncle

Hailing from the YAAAAAY Area of California, The Gross Uncle (aka Grant Gilliland) is probably sitting at his computer right about now mulling over what he is going to blog about today. He probably has his little blue mug of coffee and can't stop thinking about how much fun he had at his friend's roller skating zombie birthday party last night. Oh wait. That's me....womp, womp. Here's the bio of the fantastic drawingsmith that I like, The Gross Uncle:

"Born and raised in Ohio, The Gross Uncle ventured towards the Westest of Coasts after graduating from the Columbus College of Art and Design in 2005. His search for new places and publications to let his imagination run "wylde" is never-ending and exhilarating. His work has appeared in the SF Weekly, various boutiques, galleries, and street corners all around San Francisco. The Unc lives and works in the Mission District and enjoys Papalote burritos, bike rides, and cats."

His choice to spell 'wild' like 'wylde' is a smidgen questionable. Maybe it's one of those inside jokes that's really funny to San Francisco because it pertains to the new name for all the bike lanes or something...combined with the probability that the mayor has banned the use of the letter "i" as it is too self-involved. For example, "Hey pal! Let's ryde our bykes yn the wylde layne! BLAAAA!!" Check out Grant's lovely portfolio here: See Grant Draw.

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