Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Club Kids: Too Much? Not Enough!

You just CANNOT be wearing some gear like this and make the "I'm hot" face. You just can't. Now, I'm all for dressing like a party the morning after. Let's get rollerskates, a turban, and a sequined fish suit (with a little bit of throw-up on the front and a Dorrito for good measure) and have at it. Yet, this kinda thing takes dedication. You have to really go for it. You gotta be rolling deep with the sunshine and candy written on your face. Are these kids taking it too far? Nah, they ain't taking it far enough.

This is what I am talking about. It works now, right?

Come on LA Club Kids! Let's get FAMOUS! Thanks to The Arab Parrot for the photo. (We ain't discussing the skateboard, ok? We all know. Gah!)

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