Monday, March 24, 2008

Ask Steve Van Doren

People who don't have a history in skateboarding keep asking me, "What does 'Off the Wall' mean?" I figured I'd go straight to the best source and hit up Steve Van Doren (Get it? VAN Doren? Act like you know. ) to get the quick back story:

"Hi Nikki. Off the wall was a saying that the skaters back in the mid 70s used to say when riding pools. They were coming Off The Wall! So Vans' first official skateboarding shoe was on March 18th 1976 and had the Off the Wall newly created logo on it. Since then, all vulcanized skateshoes carried the red and white logo on the heel of our shoe. The skaters were allowed to customize their shoes in any color. We then put the Off the Wall Logo on all the crazy wild colored shoes as they were developed (such as the slip ons) and eventually the checkerboard shoes that came after Fast Times at Ridgemont High came out in 1982. Vans was a little bit different and edgy and Off the Wall stuck as a corporate logo."

And there you have it. Thanks Steve! (Correction- This photo was taken by the lovely and talented and brave PR champion of Vans, Adriana Matthews.)

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