Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Anna is Sick of Being Called Anna Banana

That title is total conjecture, however, I bet you two flippin' bucks it's true. Globe trotting jazz singer by day and closet sneaker customization queen by night...or the other way around...either way it makes a funny combo. But hey, that's what stokes Anna Fleisher out. Her customs have been selling in boutiques for $250 a pop, but if you hit her up from her site, I hear she'll cut you a break. If you have the idea, she'll chat you up about it for a hot minute and hit you back with something pretty neat. Some people have even been ordering his & hers matching customs for their weddings from Anna, too. Because they are wedding sneakers, they are automatically $5000 more expensive. Kidding. As a note, she's the only artist I've found so far that sometimes paints her designs over pre-existing Vans patterns like skulls or polkadots. Yeah, I've seen people paint over the checkerboard pattern, but it's taking a lot to impress me lately. (I say that as I adjust my black Ray-Bans at night. Duh, that's cool.) Holler at Anna here: Anna's Homestead.

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