Thursday, February 28, 2008

Vans Cup Tadahoe! Day 2

The town of Truckee got some straight wild-west gangsta lean. Right after I took this photo, the guy getting the newspaper shot me.

Porter's was the next stop in my shop tour. They have a TON of snowboard gear in that place. I hung around in there and told lies for a while with Steph and Kyle. I had to move on, however. They had customers that actually came to buy stuff rather than stand taking photos.

The most interesting part of the day came when I picked up a whole crew of hitch hikers in the parking lot. They were from all over the world and also all currently reside in South Africa. The lot of them (Cherry, Chris, Paul, Becky, and Ivanna) work in the humanitarian field and had tons of crazy-ass stories that started like, "Back in Zimbabwe..." Did you know that when an elephant sticks his ears out he is going to charge? Now you do. Duh, I'm smart. Besides trying to save the world, these guys are filming a documentary about their lives. Yeah, they are better than you.

The next stop on my party train was The Butterbox, the resident snowboard shop at Northstar. Stephanie, Fancy, and Danielle (aka The Butterbox Beezys) are pretty much the cutest girls in Tahoe, and they all work at the same spot. Besides can't beat a mirrored moose head.

After lurking around in the village a bit more, I spotted this woman gettin' slung all over the place on these big ol' bungee cords. Crazy mom! She was out of control! Left her little girl off to the side all alone while she went to go have some crazy mom time and do some jello shots! Just kidding. Daddy-O was just out of frame.

I finshed off the day with a visit to another shop down in Truckee that I heard was on the ups. Totally Board is located in the oldest building in the world. It's 10,378 years old. True fact. I checked. Anyhoo, I hung out down there for a little bit with Justin, Dane and Andy. It's a fantastic little shop. Oh and the guys there...they are totally cool with me. I know because they beat me up and took all my money. It's the local custom here. Hooray!

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