Thursday, February 14, 2008

Skate Blog of the Week: Skate and Annoy

Skate and Annoy is a pretty interesting site. Based far from Texas in Portland, Oregon, it has articles about skate biz as well as fun trash and an award called "annoying kid of the month." Last month they took a photo of a bunch of little kids stuck in a bowl without skateboards BEFORE they helped them get out. (Tough but fair, my friends.) My favorite part of the site is a whole gallery they are working on of old skate zines from the '80s. No, they aren't music zines that happen to have skating in them. They are the real deal. Because the guys took the time to scan them all in high-res, you can actually read them all, too. Tony Hawk. Boney Ewok. Check please. Old Man Zines.

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