Friday, February 1, 2008

The H.P. Lovecrafts

During this century there have been three incarnations of H.P Lovecraft. The first was a pioneer of 1930s horror fiction. The second was a psych-rock band in the 60s. Now we have H.P. Lovecraft NYC sneaker customizations. H.P. (Haley Parker) has had her custom Vans in Nylon as well as a couple of other fashion mags. Rumor has it that Madonna picked up a pair of her sneaks, too. Fancy! I’m sure you’ll agree that over the last 100 years of evolution the talented H.P. Lovecrafts are also becoming more attractive. The first draft is always the rough one. Check out the youngest H.P. Lovecraft’s work here:
H.P Lovecraft NYC

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Anonymous said...

She does seem like a large improvement.