Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Holler at a Vans Cup.

This week finds me at Lake Tahoe for the Vans Cup at Northstar Resort. (It's a great big ol' snowboard event.) Today I sat at the airport for a long, long time. Crazy thing, though! I ran into your parents and they cheered me up.

After finally making it to the mythical playground known simply as 'Reno', I heard about a rad little skate & snow shop about a mile from the airport called Out of Bounds. Stop in there if you're in the area. The guys that work there, Damien and Sam, were super nice. None of that skateshop cool guy bull pucky. Also, there was no shortage of cool cars in their lot. A bitchin' Camaro that someone just drove up from the Bahamas was parked out front, but that couldn't be topped by Damien's 'ex-cable man' whip.

The drive from Reno to Tahoe was pretty mellow so I figured I'd check out a shop in Truckee, Tahoe Dave's. Katie, Jarrad, and The Stanimal were on duty and gave me a hot tip on a great Mexican place for dinner. Tommy Adkins works there, too. He admitted that if you google his name, nothing comes up. He shed a single tear as I told him that I would change his life by adding him to this blog. Done and done. Tommy, you're pretty much famous now. Go buy a Miata. Oh...and don't break in there. They got ghetto pitts that be biting off your knees and shit.

I def went straight to that joint that the kids at Tahoe Dave's were talking about. Tacos Jalisco! YES! There was a line to the door the whole time I was there. Tacos make people happy and chatty. Bearing that absolute fact in mind, it was the perfect place to meet a few more locals. Erin and Leanna (aka Joe and Bob) told me they were saying to each other right before I walked up that it was probably a bad idea to wear their pajamas to get tacos. They'd probably run into someone. haha CLICK! By the way, you can't beat a resturant on Donner Pass Road! MMMM!!! Google it...that's a whole 'nother story.


Huckleberry Hart said...

Hell yea! hope the gettin' is good in Tahoe!

Russ said...

haaa just lookin at that last picture, gave me the ""chimichonga two step""...ugggg....(jess one more tortilla my friend)....