Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cops That Drive Tiny Cars Will Beat You Up, Dude.

It has to be terribly uncomfortable driving around all day in a little tiny car in Baltimore when you're a big ol' dude. All the other dudes get regular sized police cars. Dude can't even fit any of the scumbucket dudes that dude is apprehending into the back of that little car. How can dude be a real cop and assert some authority on some punk skateboarder dudes? Mash up the little tiny dudes! Dude can yell at the dudes and choke 'em, dude! Then dude can dude dude all over youtube and dude dude dude get suspended from the force and dude dude dude! Duuuuude.

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Cameron said...

That is crazy! He did not get enough sleep or something the night before.