Monday, February 11, 2008

Colorado <3's Robots 4-Ever

I don't know how I have gone my whole life never hearing of the KOTO Lip Sync Contest in Teluride, Colorado. This annual music rager pits the local bartender against house wife and grocery check-out guy in a competition that doesn't only test the ability to remember the lyrics. Nah, son. You got to come correct at this piece. Groups have lights, choreography, and costumes. Not even kidding you...the tix for this bad boy sell out in a hot minute. This year's show went down just a couple of weeks ago scoring a first place win for Libido Trio. These three dudes rolled into the Sheridan Opera House with blood in their mouths after a third place in the same contest one year ago. I don't know what they do everyday, but they should quit and go on tour. "Nah, man. I used to work on ending poverty, but that was BORIIINNNG! I am traveling the world now with my lip sync band."

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