Thursday, February 28, 2008

Vans Cup Tadahoe! Day 2

The town of Truckee got some straight wild-west gangsta lean. Right after I took this photo, the guy getting the newspaper shot me.

Porter's was the next stop in my shop tour. They have a TON of snowboard gear in that place. I hung around in there and told lies for a while with Steph and Kyle. I had to move on, however. They had customers that actually came to buy stuff rather than stand taking photos.

The most interesting part of the day came when I picked up a whole crew of hitch hikers in the parking lot. They were from all over the world and also all currently reside in South Africa. The lot of them (Cherry, Chris, Paul, Becky, and Ivanna) work in the humanitarian field and had tons of crazy-ass stories that started like, "Back in Zimbabwe..." Did you know that when an elephant sticks his ears out he is going to charge? Now you do. Duh, I'm smart. Besides trying to save the world, these guys are filming a documentary about their lives. Yeah, they are better than you.

The next stop on my party train was The Butterbox, the resident snowboard shop at Northstar. Stephanie, Fancy, and Danielle (aka The Butterbox Beezys) are pretty much the cutest girls in Tahoe, and they all work at the same spot. Besides can't beat a mirrored moose head.

After lurking around in the village a bit more, I spotted this woman gettin' slung all over the place on these big ol' bungee cords. Crazy mom! She was out of control! Left her little girl off to the side all alone while she went to go have some crazy mom time and do some jello shots! Just kidding. Daddy-O was just out of frame.

I finshed off the day with a visit to another shop down in Truckee that I heard was on the ups. Totally Board is located in the oldest building in the world. It's 10,378 years old. True fact. I checked. Anyhoo, I hung out down there for a little bit with Justin, Dane and Andy. It's a fantastic little shop. Oh and the guys there...they are totally cool with me. I know because they beat me up and took all my money. It's the local custom here. Hooray!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Holler at a Vans Cup.

This week finds me at Lake Tahoe for the Vans Cup at Northstar Resort. (It's a great big ol' snowboard event.) Today I sat at the airport for a long, long time. Crazy thing, though! I ran into your parents and they cheered me up.

After finally making it to the mythical playground known simply as 'Reno', I heard about a rad little skate & snow shop about a mile from the airport called Out of Bounds. Stop in there if you're in the area. The guys that work there, Damien and Sam, were super nice. None of that skateshop cool guy bull pucky. Also, there was no shortage of cool cars in their lot. A bitchin' Camaro that someone just drove up from the Bahamas was parked out front, but that couldn't be topped by Damien's 'ex-cable man' whip.

The drive from Reno to Tahoe was pretty mellow so I figured I'd check out a shop in Truckee, Tahoe Dave's. Katie, Jarrad, and The Stanimal were on duty and gave me a hot tip on a great Mexican place for dinner. Tommy Adkins works there, too. He admitted that if you google his name, nothing comes up. He shed a single tear as I told him that I would change his life by adding him to this blog. Done and done. Tommy, you're pretty much famous now. Go buy a Miata. Oh...and don't break in there. They got ghetto pitts that be biting off your knees and shit.

I def went straight to that joint that the kids at Tahoe Dave's were talking about. Tacos Jalisco! YES! There was a line to the door the whole time I was there. Tacos make people happy and chatty. Bearing that absolute fact in mind, it was the perfect place to meet a few more locals. Erin and Leanna (aka Joe and Bob) told me they were saying to each other right before I walked up that it was probably a bad idea to wear their pajamas to get tacos. They'd probably run into someone. haha CLICK! By the way, you can't beat a resturant on Donner Pass Road! MMMM!!! Google it...that's a whole 'nother story.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

An Homage to the Checkerboard Pattern

The checkerboard pattern has been around forever. Peeps back in ancient Egypt used the pattern in decoration in tombs and some kind of crazy little game that was something like the modern version of checkers. The Anasazi tribe was throwin’ up this particular style of tessellation on the mesas in New Mexico more than a hot minute ago, too. We like to put it on sneakers. Buck Ellis likes to use it on his head...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kevin Tenglin Won't Be My Friend.

Last week the new iPhone x Facebook commercial popped up on TVs around the country. Guess the level of the stoke-o-meter around Vans when everyone saw the kid doing the handplant wearing our kicks? High, bro. Emails were sent. I had to get to the bottom of it. How did this happen? It turns out that the Facebook profile featured in the commercial is a REAL profile, and the pics featured in the iPhone ad are from that user's profile. Kevin Tenglin is a star. Yes, I easily found him both on Facebook and Myspace and verified that he is a live fella. I sent him a lovely friend request and asked him a couple of questions about his newfound A-List celebrity status, "Have you been to Hyde, yet? Are you on the list? Who’s your agent?" And what do I hear back from him? ZILCH! I see that it's all going to his head. Not only does Mr. Tenglin not answer my carefully crafted interview questions, he does not accept me as a friend! It's been a week. He's obviously not getting my emails because he's too busy jet-setting around the globe on a jet with jet-setters. Check out the iPhone commercial here: iPhone Commercial.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Van Man. Vain Man.

I found some sort of weird blog about Vans today. Based on the writing style, it appears that the objective of the author is to appeal to men and women from the early 20th century. Oh, Gatsby! I've found an earlier sample of the blogger's work...a jello advertisement from 1920. Has to be the same guy...

See the Amazing Weird Blog!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Skateboard. Safeboard!

[I] ride a skateboard, and I’m getting high, [but not in that way]. [Also, I’ve] found a hill [near my home or place of part time after school employment] and it’s a five [on a scale of one to ten. How does one skateboard, you ask? It takes but a moment to try the following:] Push off, get down, kick turn [of course! like a dance], swing around. [Yes, this is a] Skateboard. [Isn’t this a lovely] Skateboard. I need to breathe. The sky is bright [as the smog has burned off. Hooray!]. Gotta run [yes, the hill that I mentioned earlier] that’s really outta sight [or rather spectacular, I’d say].

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Skate Blog of the Week: Skate and Annoy

Skate and Annoy is a pretty interesting site. Based far from Texas in Portland, Oregon, it has articles about skate biz as well as fun trash and an award called "annoying kid of the month." Last month they took a photo of a bunch of little kids stuck in a bowl without skateboards BEFORE they helped them get out. (Tough but fair, my friends.) My favorite part of the site is a whole gallery they are working on of old skate zines from the '80s. No, they aren't music zines that happen to have skating in them. They are the real deal. Because the guys took the time to scan them all in high-res, you can actually read them all, too. Tony Hawk. Boney Ewok. Check please. Old Man Zines.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cops That Drive Tiny Cars Will Beat You Up, Dude.

It has to be terribly uncomfortable driving around all day in a little tiny car in Baltimore when you're a big ol' dude. All the other dudes get regular sized police cars. Dude can't even fit any of the scumbucket dudes that dude is apprehending into the back of that little car. How can dude be a real cop and assert some authority on some punk skateboarder dudes? Mash up the little tiny dudes! Dude can yell at the dudes and choke 'em, dude! Then dude can dude dude all over youtube and dude dude dude get suspended from the force and dude dude dude! Duuuuude.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kanye ain't Broke.

I know that there are many people out there who are deeply concerned about Kanye's finances. Let me put ya'lls minds at ease. He's doing ok. He can still afford to drop a dollar or two in Japanese boutiques and pick up some Junya Watanabe Vans and post the receipts on his blog. He has to keep himself fixed up for us, you know? I mean, I don't want no shabby looking Kanye...all sad-looking...rapping about Kafka and wearing flip-flops. Nuh-uh! I want him talking about how handsome, smart, self-aware and talented he is. Whenever you grow unable to sleep without further knowledge of how our man is doing check out his blog: KanyeUniverseCity.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Colorado <3's Robots 4-Ever

I don't know how I have gone my whole life never hearing of the KOTO Lip Sync Contest in Teluride, Colorado. This annual music rager pits the local bartender against house wife and grocery check-out guy in a competition that doesn't only test the ability to remember the lyrics. Nah, son. You got to come correct at this piece. Groups have lights, choreography, and costumes. Not even kidding you...the tix for this bad boy sell out in a hot minute. This year's show went down just a couple of weeks ago scoring a first place win for Libido Trio. These three dudes rolled into the Sheridan Opera House with blood in their mouths after a third place in the same contest one year ago. I don't know what they do everyday, but they should quit and go on tour. "Nah, man. I used to work on ending poverty, but that was BORIIINNNG! I am traveling the world now with my lip sync band."

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Obituary for Slip-Ons

Paul Solis was so heartbroken over the need to move on in life without his nasty, nasty kicks that he decided to blog a short memorial:

"Saturday, February 2, 2008
R.I.P. Shoes. I finally discarded my collection of misused and worn slip on Vans. It's been a long time coming. My Vans and I went through a lot together. We went on so many beach trips and bike ride, now there [sic] in shoe heaven."

What I want to know is....what happened to the sixth shoe? There's one missing in this barf-looking pile. Was it crusted and mangled to the point that it could not be included in the photo? It was probably smeared in dog poop and set on fire a few months ago. Or maybe it got lost on that bike ride. Paul is an artist living in Oakland, CA. He needs you to buy copies of his latest zine so that he can buy some new shoes. Getting on without your sneakers pretty well, eh Paul? Just replace them, huh? FINE! I thought artists were sentimental. Gee whiz. Sketchy Blog.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Dennis and Pat are Still Learning to Skateboard

A couple of months ago, I posted about a crazy/awesome blog wherein two guys in their thirties, Dennis and Pat, set out to learn to skate. The blog documented their progress and frustrations over the span of a year and a half. However, when I found the blog both guys had just given up. They'd had enough of getting hurt and getting made fun of at the skatepark. Amazingly, just recently the fellas stumbled upon my blog post from way back, and got all stoked to skate again. Look at me changing lives up in here! Whoa. I am like UNICEF. Exactly like UNICEF. Like a nerdy phoenix ollieing from the flames (in a Toronto parking lot), here we have Dennis and Pat at it again. WHOOT! YOWWWWZA! Get pumped! Check out their newest blog post : Dennis and Pat Learn to Skateboard

Friday, February 1, 2008

The H.P. Lovecrafts

During this century there have been three incarnations of H.P Lovecraft. The first was a pioneer of 1930s horror fiction. The second was a psych-rock band in the 60s. Now we have H.P. Lovecraft NYC sneaker customizations. H.P. (Haley Parker) has had her custom Vans in Nylon as well as a couple of other fashion mags. Rumor has it that Madonna picked up a pair of her sneaks, too. Fancy! I’m sure you’ll agree that over the last 100 years of evolution the talented H.P. Lovecrafts are also becoming more attractive. The first draft is always the rough one. Check out the youngest H.P. Lovecraft’s work here:
H.P Lovecraft NYC