Monday, January 14, 2008

Paid $cum: Making Me Hungry

I don't want Christian Audigier, and I can't afford KAWS so Paid $cum seems to have come up with a fair middle ground. Are those little bug eyed aliens on the Slip-ons? Nope. Only moments ago I was trying to figure out how I could bring together both my love of sneakers and sushi. Problem solved. Paid $cum's customs here. Although, those do look like California rolls, and I consider myself a little more adventurous than that. Get me some fish on them jimmy-jams, dude! Maybe a little toro sashimi? A little eel? How about a whole sushi boat? Now that's the answer. Hey $cum, the people want sushi boat customs. It's the next wave in pop icons after everyone gets sick of skulls. Thanks to Female Sneaker Fiends for the tip on these kicks: Paid $cum Customs.

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Mikealiss said...

loveee itt...

tried to write you back on myspace but couldent because we are not friends! :x