Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ninjasonik. These Shits Fit Me.

Reverend McFly and DJ Teenwolf have been around in the party/music scene (Happy Endings & Galapagos to name a couple of spots) for a while in NYC. Their newest project, Ninjasonik, is definitely about to blow up. They've only had a hand full of shows, but they have appeared in the company of rad inviduals like Japanther and Plastic Little's Pack of Rats. What's the easy explanation of Ninjasonik? GG Allin peed on Ol' Dirty Bastard. ODB punched him and ate a taco. These guys are super self-aware and sarcastic lyrically, "I'm on the internet, bitch. I'm fucking famous." Oh, crap. Maybe the irony is in fact un-ironic and wasted, and they actually double bluffed everyone realizing that the internet does make people famous. I just melted your face. Put your head down on your desk for a minute. Read their interview on Chief Mag dot com.


MCFLY said...

whoa thank you so much !

MCFLY said...

hey add us on myspace if u kan it wont let me respond or add you .. thank for everything
jah jah

nohands said...

true story ninjasonik 57 all day baybay